Formulated for you, and what you do.
Athletes play in a variety of sport environments. Where you play, and what you do, creates a unique set of sun protection challenges. To truly be durable, gentle and effective, a sunscreen must be carefully designed for the user’s activity and environment. At Sol SunGuard, we make smarter sun protection for active people. Smarter because each product is tailored for sport-specific environments in skin friendly formulations.

All sunscreens are not created equal.
Truth is, many one-size-fits-all “Sport” products are formulated with high concentrations of chemical sunscreens and fragrances, resulting in eye sting and skin irritation. If playing outside is a natural part of your healthy lifestyle, putting chemical-heavy sunscreens on your skin shouldn’t be.

Sol Sunguards work harder and better. Sophisticated formulas maximize the UV blocking power of the active ingredients, which means fewer irritating chemicals on your skin. Plus, our emulsion–loc™ technology is fine-tuned for different sport environments. All this results in gentle, long lasting, superior protection. Get some sun, but first get some Sol. Skin friendly, formulated for sport.

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